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Legislative Advocacy

The IOMS follows important legislation in Illinois and partners with the AOA on some federal legislation that impacts your practice. 

AOA House of Delegates Call for Volunteers

The AOA House of Delegates usually meets in Chicago in July.  If you would like to participate as a delegate, please contact us.

What is the House of Delegates?
The House of Delegates (HOD) is the legislative body of the AOA. It speaks for the members of the Association and the osteopathic profession. The HOD meets once a year to review and vote on key policy issues. In addition, the HOD nominates officers and members to the AOA Board of Trustees. As a divisional society of the AOA, IOMS is entitled to a certain number of delegates based on DOs in the state, our membership, and other criteria. The delegation includes student and resident representatives as well.

When and Where Does it Meet?
The annual House of Delegates meeting is typically held in July in downtown Chicago.

What is Involved with Being a Delegate?
As a member of the Illinois delegation, you will confer with your colleagues to vote on issues presented to the House. There will be one or two planning conference calls prior to the HOD meeting and you will be required to attend the entire weekend’s activities. A detailed schedule of activities will be provided.

AOA House of Delegates Reference Committees
If you have any interest in serving on an AOA House Reference Committee or any of the AOA Bureaus, Councils, and Committees, we are asking for your interest, availability and qualifications. The House Reference Committees are listed below for your information. The AOA Bureaus, Councils, and Committee openings can be reviewed on the AOA web site.

The Reference Committees of the AOA House of Delegates are:

  • Credentials Committee
  • Committee on Governmental Affairs
  • Committee on Public Affairs
  • Committee on Professional Affairs
  • Committee on Educational Affairs
  • Ad Hoc Committee
  • Committee on Constitution and Bylaws
  • Committee on Resolutions
  • Committee on Rules and Order

The IOMS is a member in the United Federation of Osteopathic Societies (UFOS) caucus. As a member, our voice is heard through the caucus and therefore involvement is important. There are approximately 110 positions available on the AOA House Reference Committee and the UFOS have filled 50 to 60 of those slots in recent years. We would like to see more IOMS members appointed this year!

The AOA House of Delegates is the opportunity for Illinois DOs to make their voice heard on important issues impacting our profession. The weekend provides an opportunity to give back to your Society and enjoy the camaraderie of colleagues from across the country. We hope you consider participating in this important event. Please contact IOMS if you have any questions.

Licensing Information

Licensing of physicians in Illinois is managed by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. Visit their web site to learn more about obtaining and renewing your Illinois medical license.

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