What is the IO-PAC?
The IO-PAC is the Illinois Osteopathic Political Action Committee (PAC) representing the political action interests of Illinois osteopathic physicians and medical students and is the political voice of Illinois DOs.

What does IO-PAC do?
The IO-PAC takes in monetary donations from DOs across the state and contributes those  funds to targeted state candidates for public office.

Why do we need IO-PAC?
Political candidates spend money on campaign-related expenses. The IO-PAC has many friends in the state elected office holders that support DOs and the excellent patient care they provide. The IO-PAC provides political action campaign contributions to assist targeted candidates with their election efforts.

Who does IO-PAC give donations to?
The IO-PAC is a bipartisan PAC and is overseen by the IO-PAC board that governs all political giving by the IO-PAC. State law requires that every donation from a PAC be recorded and reported every quarter. The state publishes reports on the website public consumption. It is a very transparent process.

How can I contribute to IO-PAC?
Contributing to the IO-PAC is simple. You can contribute by personal check by completing the contribution form and mailing this form with your check to the address listed on the form. Please note, the IO-PAC is not able to accept corporate contributions. Donations are not tax-deductible.